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Thyroid Gland Examination
Here we would like to explain the outline of our activities to those who are thinking of supporting us from abroad.
We carry out thyroid gland examinations for domestic applicants only.


Thyroid gland examination (Click the photo to see a larger image.)





How to apply for thyroid gland examination

1. Examinee and Fee

  This examination is free.
  Persons over the age of 3 (at present) to 18(as of March 2011) are given priority.


  Application →
  Notification of the date of examination →
  Visit on appointment day →
  Handing/receiving results of examination

3. Application

  You can apply in three ways:
  A. Fill out the “Thyroid Gland Examination Application Form” at the center.
  B. Fax or post the filled-in form.
  C. Apply by telephone. Your name, address, telephone number, age, the number and
   gender of each examinee will be requested.

  All the applicants should fill out the “Thyroid Gland Examination Request Form” and
  sign the agreement on the examination day. Please be responsible for your request.

  The “Thyroid Gland Examination Application Form”, the “Directions for Thyroid Gland
  Examination ” and the “Basic Policy of Personal Information Protection and Measurement
  Data” can be downloaded from our home page. All forms are also available at the center,
  and upon your request they can be sent by fax or post.

4.Appointment notification

  We will notify you of your appointment date as soon as it is fixed.
  We will also give you important directions for this examination.
  Notification might be delayed when the schedule is very tight.
  We appreciate your understanding.

5.Visit for examination

  On the appointment day, we ask that guardians accompany non-adult examinees to
  the center.

  We will accept the “Thyroid Gland Examination Request” when you sign the “Basic
  Policy of Personal Information Protection and Measurement Data” form.

  In the request form please write down the name and address of the representative
  applicant; we need the name, gender, height, weight and date of birth of each examinee.

  After receiving the request form, we will measure the examinee(s).
  (If you have any difficulty or uncertain points in filling out the request form please
  ask at the desk.)

6. Results of measurement

  We will hand the results of the sonogram soon after the examination is finished.



  For precise measurements, clothes should be clean and light with a loose neckline
  (T-shirt, sweat shirt, etc.). Please take off all accessories such as necklaces.

2.Necessary Details for Thyroid Gland Examination

  Necessary details for filling out the “Thyroid Gland Examination Request Form”:
  the name and address of the representative applicant;
  the name, gender, and date of birth of each examinee.

3. Guardian’s Responsibility of Accompanying Examinee(s)

  Please accompany a non-adult examinee(s) to the center on the appointment
  day even when the guardian himself/herself is not going to take the
  Thyroid Gland Examination.

4. Car Park

  There is limited parking space at the center.
  Please use nearby pay parking lots when this parking lot is full.

Office Information

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