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Food Radiation Measurement
Here we would like to explain the outline of our activities to those who are thinking of supporting us from abroad. The actual measurements are carried out for domestic applicants only.


How to request a food radiation measurement

1.Samples and measurement fee

  You can request measurements of as many food samples as you want.
  Measurement fees: 500yen per food sample
  2,000yen per liquid sample, such as water and breast milk

2.Procedure of measurement

  Application →
  Notification of the date of the measurement →
  Visit with samples on the appointment day →
  Handing/receiving results of the measurement


  You can apply two ways.

  A. Fill in the “Food Measurement Application Form” at the center.
  B. Fax or post the filled-in application form to the center.

  *You can apply by telephone on/after your 2nd application.

  All the applicants should fill out the “Food Radiation Measurement Request Form”
  and sign the agreement on the measurement day. Please be responsible for your request.
  The “Food Measurement Application Form”, the “Directions for Food Radiation
   Measurement” and the “Basic Policy of Personal Information Protection and
   Measurement Data” can be downloaded from our home page.
   All the forms are also available at the center, and upon your request they can be sent
   by fax or post.

4.Appointment notification

  We will notify you of your date of measurement soon after it is fixed. We will also
  give you important directions for the measurements.
  Notification might be delayed when the schedule is very tight.
  We appreciate your understanding.

5.Visit for measurement

  On the appointment day, applicants should bring food samples prepared for
   measurement in advance. (See below Directions)

  After signing the form “Basic Policy of Personal Information Protection and
  Measurement Data”, we ask you to fill in the “Food Radiation Measurement Request Form”.

  On the form you should write down: your name, address, harvest place, harvest date,
  weight (volume), air dose rate of harvest land (if it was measured), and geographic
  characteristics of the land. Please bring the information with you.

  After receiving the completed request form, we will measure the samples.
  (If you have any difficulties or uncertain points in filling out the form, please ask at the

6.Measurement results

  Please come to the center to get your measurement results. We also ask you
  to take your food samples back with you after the measurement.


1.Food sample preparation

  Foodstuff should be cut into small pieces of about 5mm size and brought in clean
  packages (in plastic bags, plastic containers, etc.) At least 1 liter of food or liquid
  sample is required for measurement.

  Please note that when the amount of samples is not enough, the results will be less
  precise. If you are not able to bring the required amount of samples please consult us.

  We ask you to remove unnecessary parts of food such as fruit skin or internal organs
  before cutting the foodstuff into small pieces.

2.Food sample data

  You should fill out specific data of food samples in the “Food Radiation Measurement
  Request Form”. Please bring the necessary information and your personal seal with you.

3.Car Park

  There is limited parking space at the center. Please use nearby pay parking lots
  when this parking lot is full.

Food measurement request from a distant place

①Make an appointment by telephone.
②Transfer the measurement fee to the appointed bank account.
③Send samples to the center on the appointed day.
④The measurement test is taken after receiving your payment.
⑤After notification by telephone, we will send the results by post.

• We will dispose of the measured samples. If you need them sent back,
please inform us on your appointment call. (Details need to be discussed.)

Number of samples Measurement fee Disposal fee postal fee Total fee
500 300 80 880yen
2  1,000 300 80 1,380yen
3  1,500 400 80 1,980yen
4  2,000 500 80 2,580yen
5  2,500 600 80 3,180yen

Disposal fee・・・・ Additional 100-yen per sample from the 3rd sample.
For further information please confirm by telephone.
The person to contact is Ms.Nozaki.

Destination for “Food Measurement Application Form”

   Iwaki Radiation Measuring Center “Tarachine”
   11-3F Onahamahanabatake-cho, Iwaki-shi, Fukushima 971-8162


Office Information

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