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Soil Radiation Measurement
Here we would like to explain the outline of our activities to those who are thinking of supporting us from abroad. The actual measurements are carried out for domestic applicants only.


How to request a soil radiation measurement

1.Samples and measurement fee

  We measure soil radiation from home gardens and market crop farmland. (Please consult
  us on any other soil measurement.)
  You can request measurements of as many soil samples as you want.
  Measurement fees: 2,000yen per soil sample
  1,000yen per material sample such as wooden blocks.

2. Procedure of measurement

  Application →
  Notification of the date of the measurement →
  Visit with samples on the appointment day →
  Handing/receiving results of the measurement


  You can apply two ways:

  A. Fill in the “Soil Measurement Application Form” at the center.
  B. Fax or post the filled-in application form to the center.

  *You can apply by telephone on/after your 2nd application.

  All the applicants should fill out the “Soil Radiation Measurement Request Form” and sign
  the agreement on the measurement day. Please be responsible for your request.

  The “Soil Measurement Application Form”, the “Directions for Soil Radiation Measurement”
   and the “Basic Policy of Personal Information Protection and Measurement Data” can be
  downloaded from our home page.

   All the forms are also available at the center, and upon your request they can be sent
  by fax or post.

4.Appointment notification

  We will notify you of your date of measurement soon after it is fixed. We will also give
  you important directions for the measurements.

  Notification might be delayed when the schedule is very tight. We appreciate your

5.Visit for measurement

  On the measurement day, applicants should bring soil samples prepared for
  measurement in advance. (See below Directions.)

  After signing the form “Basic Policy of Personal Information Protection and
  Measurement Data”, we ask you to fill in the “Soil Radiation Measurement Request Form”.

  In the form you should write down: your name, address, the place and the date you got
  the soil from, weight (volume), air dose rate of the place (if it was measured), geographic
  characteristics of the land, and if the land is plowed or not.

  Please bring the information with you.
  After receiving the request form, we will measure the samples.

  (If you have any difficulties or uncertain points in filling out the request form, please
  ask at the desk.)

6.Measurement results

  Please come to the center to get your measurement results.
  We also ask you to take your soil samples back with you after the measurement.


1.Soil Sample Preparation

  At least one liter of soil sample is required for the measurement.

  You should make your sample from soil gathered from five different points in the land to
  be measured. One point should be the center of the land and the other four should be
  from the center of each quarter section of the land.

  You should get vertically some 15 cm thick block of soil, and each portion should have
  the same dimension (for example: 10㎠.) Mix the five portions well into one sample to
  make it more than one litter.

  Special measurements may require more than this amount.

  Please avoid taking soil samples right after rain.
  It’s preferable that you gather soil samples about one week before the measurement day.

2.Soil sample data

  You should fill out specific data of food samples in the “Soil Radiation Measurement
  Request Form”.
  Please bring the necessary information and your personal seal with you.

3.Car Park

  There is limited parking space at the center. Please use nearby pay parking lots when this
  parking lot is full.

Destination for “Soil Measurement Application Form”

   Iwaki Radiation Measuring Center “Tarachine”
   11-3F Onahamahanabatake-cho, Iwaki-shi, Fukushima 971-8162


Office Information

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